Carole Theiley has over ten years of experience in career coaching/counselling. During her time working in her own practice, she has tendered and won many projects to deliver career advice to a large diverse range of groups and individuals.

Her passion to support and empower people to find their true career goals has been something she has been interested in right from when she visited her own guidance counsellor when she was in year 12 and felt lost. During her working life, Carole has held a number of managerial positions, such as Operations Manager for Boral Aluminium products and Executive assistant for the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

She has a Post Graduate in Education (Career education), a Certificate IV in training and assessment, accreditation in the use of Myer Briggs, Acer, CPP Asia pacific and many other tools and resources that assist in reaching an outcome in the career journey.

Carole also holds a Diploma in counselling and has a wide experience of the labour market and cultural diversity issues. Carole loves nothing more than to assist those in transition who are so unsure of where to from here. She has assisted with outplacement for a number of organisations such as Inghams, Toyota, Hills, Accolade, seeking to help their employees in finding an alternative direction.

She has helped University and school students as well as developing a program to assist with communication skills in the workplace that she delivered to Scholles.

More recently, Carole has become involved in literacy coaching for both international migrants and others struggling in this area. Her connection with the government has meant that workshops have been arranged as well as one-on-one tuition.

Carole Theiley - Principal of Perfect Pathways

Carole Theiley – Principal of Perfect Pathways

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