Now we are at home due to COVID for extended periods of time,  it might be an opportunity to reframe and think about our next steps in terms of study/career pathways.  Changes to career opportunity are evident.  We know that careers working with technology and with groups/individuals in the mental health and general well being areas are definitely worth looking at as these will be evolving and opportunities increasing into 2022 and beyond.  It is becoming necessary to find ways of ensuring people are feeling happy and content in their world of work and that life is balanced with physical, psychological and environmental needs.

Our social connection has been missing greatly during the long term isolation that we have all been feeling, especially in NSW and Victoria and therefore the opportunity, through career choices are aimed at supporting and collaborating with the community to re-connect effectively.

Emerging occupations will be focusing strongly on the wellbeing of staff and general community ensuring that we all live a healthier, happier existence and maintain our mental health.

So take this time to look at emerging careers and also those currently existing in areas of technology and working in the health and human services sectors for opportunities.


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