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We value each and every one of our customers and are always trying to improve to bring our customers the best experience possible.

Carole was very generous with her time when I booked in for a free 10-minute phone consultation.

She answered my questions on the spot and helped me find clarity about my current situation and future opportunities. She took the time to answer all my questions, so I didn’t need further consultation.

Not only is she is up-to-date with the current job market, but she is also lovely to speak to.

By far, Carole Theiley is one of the best career counsellors I have ever met.

She always listens to everything that you have to say and just knows how to perfectly dissect through your information to get to the ground of what industry or job you are looking for.

Her guidance and advice will 100% guide and help you to search for the dream job/pathway.

She also does practise interview sessions as well. I have had two sessions with her, one finding the perfect career pathway and the other, a practise interview.

I was so confused before on what pathway to take and how to overcome hurdles to strive to get to the industry I have studied for. She provided me with so much information, that helped cleared what direction and job I wanted. With my second session with her, I had a practise job interview with her. She provided me with the best advice on what I should say in an interview, as well as providing me techniques that helped me respond professionally and clearly to questions.

If it wasn’t for Carole, I wouldn’t have been able to nail my job interview.

Prior to meeting with Carole Theiley, I had no plans or hopes in regards to employment and dealing with issues that had occurred.

I was made to feel useless and felt very overwhelmed and stressed at what was happening in my life in which I had no control over.

After speaking with Carole on numerous occasions spanned over an eight-month period. In both the capacity as a career councillor and a psychologist, I was welcomed and helped to understand what my choices were and are. As a councillor, she actually turned my life around.

Carole is a wonderful, compassionate person in both rolls that she helped me with. Her help enabled me to understand that the injury that I had sustained and the way I have been treated is not my fault as I was made to feel. She has given me hope, and my family are so thank full that she was able to pull me out of that dark place that I was in, and now I can look forward to learning a new career (even though I am petrified). She has made this whole process easier and stress-free.

Do not hesitate or allow others to prevent you. With Carole, you get the whole bag of tricks that will instantly make you feel as though you are worthy of help and respect and when you leave, you always feel that little bit lighter and more positive.

I will be forever grateful to Carole. She has saved my life both mentally and physically and also career-wise, where before meeting her, I had no hope at all.

My biggest challenge prior to seeking out Carole was finding good reliable information on the types of career paths I was interested in pursuing as well as helping to narrow down career options based on interest, practicality and availability.

I felt overwhelmed by choice and uncertain of where to start. Looking for and deciding on a career made me feel frustrated due to the real lack of reliable information and uncertain pathways available.

After meeting with Carole, it felt like there was an abundance of resources, knowledge and experience that she used in order to help me find, pinpoint and narrow down careers I’m better suited for and more interested in. She really helped me to find options and pathways into the careers I wanted and gave me a good knowledge of what kind of options and resources are out there that otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about.

Talk to someone with experience now! Carole was so knowledgeable and helpful.

Carole was an invaluable resource during my job search in Adelaide after having moved here just 4 months ago. She was professional, thorough and provided critical insights into the job market in Adelaide and how best to identify and pursue the right opportunities for my area of expertise.

Her review of my documents and various job applications played an important role in my securing a wonderful position. I highly recommend her for locals and migrants alike.

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