Finding your ideal career can sometimes be a journey. We're here to help you along that path

Finding your ideal career can sometimes be a journey. We’re here to help you along that path

Finding the right professional career path can sometimes be frustrating. Being unsure where to start making changes can sometimes prevent people from taking that first step.

We actively listen to you, and we know how difficult it can be to begin a new job or career path. Everyone deserves to be able to work at a job they enjoy and find satisfying.

What are your Professional Career Objectives?

This is a question that we help you answer. In our one-on-one career sessions, your professional career coach, who understands your frustration and needs, will help you find the right career. In addition, we provide professional career advice to help you land the job you’ll love or choose the right course.

Did you know you’re a brand?

We guide you through the process of exploring your unique brand and selling this to an employer.

What do we do as a Professional Career Coach?

We bring clarity and information to assist you in your search for a rewarding career path. We will guide you through the process of defining you by:

  • Assistance with the transition from one occupation to another
  • Assistance with career planning and decision making
  • Personality profiling (Myers Briggs Strong Report matching to occupations)
  • Job searching techniques
  • Job interviewing coaching and practice
  • Setting up a LinkedIn profile (The correct way)
  • Determining self-awareness and selling your brand
  • Résumé assistance (How old is your résumé? Is it current?)
  • Study pathway options
  • Labour market and emerging occupation information
  • Counselling around self-esteem building

Most importantly, we won’t abandon you. Instead, we deliver the resources you need and provide ongoing support for as long as you need.

So, take that first step to the job you deserve. Call Carole and find clarity in your future.

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