Assistance with Resume Building

How old is your resume? Are you up to date with current trends? We review your existing resume and advise on how to continue to craft effective resumes that will land you an interview for the job of choice.

Brand Awareness

Did you know you’re a brand? Through various exercises, we guide you through the process of understanding your unique brand and selling this to an employer.

Profiling (Myers Briggs – Strong report)

Using instruments such as Myer Briggs MBTI type report and Strong vocational matching report we can assist you in becoming a little more introspective in determining who you are, what working environment suits you, how you choose to communicate, what are the important elements in a career of choice based on your personality and also how this links to vocational choices and why.

With a one on one opportunity, we can help you understand what type of careers might suit you based on who you are.

Example of some of the reports used

Using and setting up Linkedin Profiles

We assist with setting up Linkedin profiles for students as well as adults, including transitioning.  We offer training on how to utilise your Linkedin account effectively.

Job Searching Techniques

Searching for a job is not easy. Finding the right job often relies on effective job searching techniques. We take you through different methods and the pitfalls for each. We can show you how to search effectively and understand how an employer seeks employees.

Addressing Selection Criteria

Are you confused by selection criteria? We help you overcome the mystery and complications of addressing selection criteria.

Workshop Delivery

Workshops are an excellent tool for dispelling myths and misinformation. We offer an engaging delivery of workshops to schools, business, RTOs and Universities that are adapted to requirement.

Working With Schools

Subject choice and a satisfying career journey are daunting decisions for many students. We deliver comprehensive workshops that clarify issues around various pathways. We also work with individual students to refine their choices

Of course, we don’t forget the parents! We assist and advise parents of students moving on from years 11 and 12.

Emerging Occupations

Many jobs will be available in 5 years that don’t exist today. We will guide you with advice regarding emerging occupation, the current labour market situation, and the changing landscape.


Outplacement is a support service provided by some organizations to help former employees transition to new jobs..”

We do NOT have a cold and clinical approach to outplacement. Transitioning for your staff can be a very emotional and challenging time, and we ensure that we make this journey a more comfortable step into the future, highlighting all possibilities.

Meeting with your staff one-to-one allows us to treat them as individuals. And as individuals, we can analyse their strengths and skills base to help transition forward, often developing their existing skills and attributes.

Career Counselling

Perfect Pathways ensures that we treat all of our clients as individuals. We do not insist on offering a package of questionnaires and information that may not be necessarily what you require. We ask your expectations and deliver what each individual requires. Whether this is information on career/study pathways, profiling, interviewing coaching, job searching techniques, transitioning into another career, deciding on subjects to take a school or University, we ensure that we craft your journey according to your specific needs.