Looking forward!!  That is how we should view careers for the future.  We live in a disposable world.  This means that virtually at the same rate as the newest technology comes out jobs will come and go.  We are changing how we work, where we work and becoming more and more responsible for managing our study and career.

So what is different now as opposed to say ten years ago.  We have to work harder and smarter, ensuring that we keep on top of study and more importantly what is happening in the labour market.  Being aware of the newest programs, and skills that will be required for up and coming professions.

One thing is for sure.  We need to do our research.

Ensuring that we know what are the emerging careers coming up and maybe we might have some new and inventive ideas of our own that could also be relevant.   “Seize the day” Don’t just ponder! Do your research and find out about what these emerging careers are and what kind of skills and attributes are required to follow areas of interest.  Change, (GET USED TO IT) be ready and able to change.  Don’t be left behind.

Employers are looking for people who can think two or three steps ahead and who are full of creative ideas along with how to structure those ideas into reality. When you are at an interview now an employer is looking for someone who has a diversity of skills and can communicate effectively how they view their future looking with the company.

Make it your mission to know about up and coming new technology and smarter ways to develop business.   Know the competition and how you might look at getting the edge over them.  Be on your toes all the time and be ready.  If you are not you could miss out on an opportunity.   Start the changes now or YOU WILL become a disposable item.

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