Zoom Workshops – Emerging Careers


Perfect Pathways supporting National Careers Week



Perfect Pathways offer workshops that are delivered to small groups relating to the following:

Register to become part of a Zoom workshop.  Looking at emerging careers.  Assisting you in choice, study, social media preparation, knowledge around new interviewing techniques.

  • What are the new emerging careers, what are the opportunities
  • Selling your own unique brand The importance of selling your brand including resume preparation and using effective social media presentation.
  • Job searching using techniques effectively using traditional methods and looking outside the square for those hidden opportunities.  correct preparation focusing on what is required by the prospective employer
  • Interviewing techniques which will include how to ensure you are using all areas of communication and the importance of leaving a lasting impression.
  • Personality profiling including how to truly get in touch with your skills and attributes and what strengths that you can bring to a position.
  • Literacy skills  looking at developing your literacy skills that will inturn enable you to apply more effectively for a position including written and verbal
Zoom Workshops – Emerging Careers